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Thank you so much for considering Review Adventures for a Product Review or Review/Giveaway!

This is a family friendly site. I am happy to hear all PR pitches. Are you looking for help to promote your product? I am PR friendly and have had great success drawing attention to different products and services offered by companies I have worked with. I do not charge for reviews and I am open to hearing all proposals.

I am open to reviewing various types of services and products, so please do not hesitate to contact me with your pitch. I have had great success promoting and drawing attention to companies, services and products with my reviews and giveaways. I am happy to work with you on a review or review/giveaway.

Please be aware that we CANNOT review items based solely on photos, brochures, or websites — we actually have to use the products we review in order to give our readers our honest, thoughtful opinion.

• Product Review items must be FULL SIZE items or with clothing must be the appropriate size for the attended wearer. Items are thoroughly tested fitting is part of the testing.

• All products will be reviewed after product is received, within a reasonable amount of time.

• Products sent for review are thoroughly tested to provide a full and fair review for my followers. These products are not returned or used for giveaways.

• For products offered in a giveaway, one item is tested for review, and a second, unused item is sent directly to the winner by the featured company.

Product samples are not returned and while submitting a sample does not guarantee a favorable review or placement. However, please be aware that we do have a great success rate due to the fact that we thoroughly pre-screen the submissions and offers.

If you are unable to submit a sample, a giveaway can be arranged.

Submitting a request for a review is easy. Click here to fill out the submission request form or email us at  We try to answer all requests within 1 week of receipt. If your product is something that we can use and a good fit for this site we would be happy to review your product and give our honest opinion. At that time you will be given an address to send the product for review.

We do ask that all giveaway product be retained by the sponsor until the giveaway is over. We will work with you to customize the giveaway as you like. Giveaways on Review Adventures usually start within one to two weeks of receiving review product and will run for 3 weeks. Winners will be selected using

Once the winner is selected and contacted we will provide you with their full name, shipping information and email address so you may ship their prize to them.

Thanks for visiting! Registered & Protected