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Half Moon Bay Westport Wa.

Posted by Angie Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fish Bowl for two!

Here is a picture of their award winning bloody mary that is served with a salad and a plate at Half Moon Bay.

This is a picture of the surf melt sandwich. The crab and shrimp go together marvelously. And the french fries were so crisp that they just melted in your mouth. Maybe that's why it's called a surf melt. 

An a bowl of their  award winning clam chowder. It is definately AWESOME. That is the best clam chower I have ever had. It is definately award winning. I make clam chowder at home, but it is nothing compared to there clam chowder. If you are ever in Westport Wa you have to stop and try the chowder and bloody mary.


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